Do Water Softeners Remove Essential Nutrients?

Water softeners can be a lifesaver if your home’s pipes contain hard water in the Denver area. It can wreck your water heater and other appliances, leave spots on your dishes and shorten the life of your clothing, among other things.

Hard water is generally a combination of calcium and magnesium that has permeated naturally through the earth’s surface with the groundwater. Many people ask if the removal of these nutrients can lower the integrity of your drinking water from a health-related standpoint. This is simply not true. Here’s why:

Your body can’t digest the minerals found in your tap water. Additionally, water softeners are designed to take care of magnesium and calcium, but leaves beneficial minerals like fluoride, which can help prevent tooth decay.

A water softener eliminates many issues in your home, and it won’t remove any essential nutrients from your water either. To give your home the gift of good “health,” start by getting a FREE in-home water test from Chuck’s Culligan Water today!